How does the emergency department impact infection control?

The emergency department (ED) is the gateway for many patients to inpatient units. As such, adherence to infection control guidelines and prevention can have a substantial impact on a patient’s subsequent hospital course. Prevention and treatment of hospital acquired infections (HAIs) in the ED setting is challenging due to many factors inherent in the practice [...]

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Norovirus infection

Norovirus infection Norovirus infections are a major cause of gastroenteritis, and outbreaks occur frequently. The majority of all non-bacterial gastroenteritis outbreaks are caused by human noroviruses. These viruses are highly infectious, as even a few particles can cause disease, and infected individuals shed high loads of virus. Norovirus infections are self-limiting in healthy individuals but [...]

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Wound Chronicity and Infection: Strategies for Prevention and Management

Effective wound management and the prevention of infection for patients with wounds are not only key to wound improvement, but also to avoiding a slide into a state of chronicity. Unfortunately, many wounds that start out simple turn into chronic wounds because of the complications associated with comorbid conditions and secondary infection. As we look [...]

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